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How to Display Those Pics


Admit it – you have tons of pictures sitting in files on your phone and computer, don’t you? And you’ve probably told yourself a hundred times that you’ll get them printed, framed and up on your walls for family and friends to see, right?

Well, I strongly encourage you to do all that and to read this post to get some great ideas on how you can arrange these works of art on the walls of your home.

Staircase Wall Arrangement One of the most popular places to arrange a collection of framed pictures is upon the wall aside a staircase. I recommend using pictures here that aren’t your show-stoppers, since these images will get fewer views. Even so, you can still make them look great! The benefit of lining a staircase is that the stairs provide the visual structure and balance, so you can be somewhat more flexible with how you align and arrange your frames.

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Gallery Arrangement You’ve probably seen various versions of this arrangement many times. And many times you may have said to yourself, “Something’s not quite right.” The secret to this arrangement is balancing the sizes of the frames properly. This means the large frames should be evenly distributed, the medium frames should be evenly distributed, and so on. In other words, don’t let any particular size become a cluster. The next step, although not as crucial, is to balance the colors – spread out the dark colors and the bold colors.

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Square Arrangement My personal favorite is the square arrangement. Maybe this is because it is the easiest pattern to implement! The trick is to make sure that all of your frames are square-shaped and the same size. Beyond that, let your creativity go wild! The images don’t need to match or even be the same subject matter.

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Shelved and Layered Arrangement This look is great for those who like to re-arrange or swap out pictures often and those who don’t want to end up with a bunch of holes in their walls. Layering your framed pictures adds a great deal of character and texture to a room and looks even better when you include some knick-knacks and “conversation starters.” Variety is key – different sized frames and different colors work perfectly. Worried about your pictures falling off? No problem – you can buy special shelves that will keep your images in place.

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This is just four of many, many options. But hopefully it will get you started with some great ideas and push you a little harder to get some of those pictures on your phone and computer downloaded, framed and stylishly displayed.

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