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Sometimes posing is a must

Don’t get me wrong – I love candid shots. However, sometimes posing is a must. Knowing how to take direction from a photographer and how to position yourself to look your absolute best in front of any camera will result in you being much happier with all of your pictures. And to you photographers out there – knowing how to make your subjects look fantastic will result in both you and them being thrilled with your work.

Here’s a big shout-out to technology, because there are now apps – yes, mobile apps! – that you can use to practice and perfect The Art of the Pose! Below are two of my favorites.

This powerful app contains a guide to 500 different poses divided into easy-to-navigate categories like “Men,” “Women,” “Couples,” “Children,” Weddings,” and “Fashion.” It also has a section on “Tips & Tricks” and a handy “Favorites” feature so you can store the poses you want to try out in advance.

Posing App (available for iPhone and iPad, $4.99)

This app is almost identical to the one above except that it is available to Android users in addition to iPhone users.

Have you used either of these or another posing app? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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