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Oh, the places you’ll go when you do a photoshoot with Taken By LaLa Photography! My clients and I often try to vary up our shoot locations depending on the purpose for the shoot. If we are going for a more classic and traditional look, we might shoot at the studio. If we’re going for a more trendy look, we might shoot at the Krog Street Tunnel. If we want something out of the ordinary, we might shoot at Oakland Cemetery. You wouldn’t believe what kind of shots you can get at a cemetery!

All this said, we just want to share some of our favorite locations…some places we’ve shot at and others we can’t wait to experience.

1. The Goat Farm Arts Center – rustic and vintage location

2. Jackson Street Bridge – beautiful background of the city, skylines, and traffic

3. Historic Fourth Ward Park – naturesque location with a pond, water features, and great seating

4. Atlantic Station – city life at its finest…multiple backgrounds (shops, housing, water, monuments, etc.) in close proximity

5. Krog Street Tunnel – trendy location with graffiti walls

6. Little 5 Points – another trendy location with an alternative culture

7. Piedmont Park – humongous park with views of skylines, graffiti walls, swings, water, playgrounds, etc.

8. Oakland Cemetery – a garden cemetery, a showplace of sculpture and architectures

9. Atlanta Beltline – former railway corridor around the core of Atlanta

10. Atlanta Botanical Garden – a breath-taking garden of the season’s blooms

11. Inman Park – beautiful homes with the charm of urban living in a bucolic setting with parks scattered throughout the neighborhood

And of course, our studio! This is the traditional location for our photo sessions (with central air and heating).

If you have any other fabulous locations, please send them our way…we would love to add even more to LaLa’s Locations!


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