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about lala

Every since I was a little girl, I loved being in front of the camera! It didn't matter whether it was for Easter pictures, school pictures, or just good ol' family smile was always the same anytime a camera was in the area!

As I got older, I still lit up whenever the camera was pointed my way, but I started feeling more comfortable behind the camera. I found myself taking pictures at any and every family function (my mom preparing for holiday gatherings, my brothers playing football, my nephews playing at the park, cookouts at my aunt and uncle's house). I just wanted to capture those moments for the fam, and that spiraled into wanting to savor memories everywhere - at school events, red carpet events, sporting events, and even weddings. I knew photography was my thing.

So, after thinking it through and taking a few classes at the Atlanta School of Photography, I was ready to take the leap from the "just a hobby" photographer to the "professional" photographer. Mission accomplished!

Now all I need is a client and smile, and we can capture some moments that will last a lifetime! 



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